To create the most important deliverable: confidence.


To provide the best and most appropriate professional accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services to private industry, publicly-traded companies, not-for-profit organizations, governmental entities and individuals in the geographical markets we serve.


By the year 2017, Tronconi Segarra & Associates will be the recognized leader in providing progressive and innovative accounting, tax and business consulting solutions in the geographic markets we serve. In addition, Tronconi Segarra & Associates will be the accounting firm employer-of-choice, attracting top-of-their-class accounting major graduates and highly-skilled, experienced professionals who want a more challenging and rewarding career. We will achieve our vision by leveraging the depth and breadth of our collective expertise for the benefit of our clients, by maintaining our exceptionally high standards of client service, and by precisely executing our recruiting and training strategies to ensure a consistent, high-level professional group poised to create the most important deliverable -- confidence.


Appreciation - We are grateful for the loyalty of our clients, associates and business associates.

Balance - We look for ways to assist our associates in balancing their careers and their personal lives. We are open to working with each associate on an individual basis to create a win-win situation.

Communication - We foster a culture that embraces an open exchange of ideas and a desire to understand one another's viewpoints and beliefs, within a responsible, supportive environment.

Continual Learning - In order to stay at the forefront of our profession for the benefit of our clients, we provide educational avenues and opportunities for our associates that will encourage and support their professional and personal growth. We embrace the practice of mentoring, at all levels of our organization, along with periodic performance evaluations, so that the process of growth and development can be continuous, relevant, strategic and goal oriented.

Diversity - Our success is achieved through the contributions of men and women of diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives.

Excellence - We are committed to being the best in all that we do.

Exceptional Service - We are focused on providing our clients with exceptional client service...being responsive and proactive; listening and learning about their needs; building relationships; and becoming a trusted advisor for them.

Giving - It is more than giving back or being a good corporate citizen. It is knowing that others really need our help, and knowing that we can help and make a difference through our actions and contributions.

Honesty & Integrity - We believe that honesty and integrity are the foundation of all that we do. Our good reputation is non-negotiable.

Innovation - We approach each project with energy and enthusiasm, which infuses our solutions with fresh thinking, creativity and relevance.

Quality - We consistently exceed industry standards regarding the quality of our work. We set the quality bar and have been referred to as the standard against which other firms are measured.

Respect - We treat people as we wish to be treated...listening to others' points of view; refraining from being judgmental; treating one another fairly and equally; being courteous. Each of us works to earn the respect of our clients, our colleagues and our community. We will nurture a culture where ideas can be exchanged and debated respectfully and honestly and where decisions made for the greater good will be respected, trusted and supported.

Responsibility & Accountability - We do what we promise we will do. We treat each client's business as though it
were our own. We learn from our mistakes and accept responsibility for our actions.

Trust - We work to earn the trust of our clients, our colleagues and our community by practicing integrity, honesty, responsibility and accountability.