Litigation Support Services

Attorneys and corporations often rely on the services of Tronconi Segarra & Associates to address the financial aspects of various litigation matters when preparing for a hearing or trial. Such services include:

  • Assistance with discovery, including the review and preparation of document requests, attendance at and assistance with depositions, and preparation of interrogatories.
  • Development of claim theory and related damage issues.
  • Analysis of damage claims, including those for lost profits, business interruption, etc.
  • Preparation of financial models.
  • Presentation of financial data and related information to triers of fact, including arbitrators, judges and jurors (Expert Witness Testimony).
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations.

The situations in which we can assist attorneys and businesses include, but are not limited to:

• Bankruptcy • IRS disputes
• Estimate of Damages • Divorce
• Insurance Claims • Partnership dissolutions
      • Fraud & Forensics 

For more information about the litigation support services we offer,

contact partner Mark Ferm.