To say that State and Local Taxes can be complicated is an understatement.  We understand that you don't always have the time to dissect the latest SALT issue or read technical commentaries on newly enacted legislation or rulings, you just want to know how this measure impacts your business.  Our articles provide timely information and details on critical SALT issues you and your business need to know about.

Supreme Court Overturns Quill

On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a pivotal decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., overturning the physical presence standard previously established in Quill Corp. v. North Dakota (1992). This decision immediately opens the door for states to start imposing sales tax collection requirements on out-of-state sellers.

Supreme Court to Revisit Sales Tax Collection Issue

On January 12, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States granted certiorari in the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., which could likely determine the future of the physical presence requirement for sales tax collection...

State Taxes - Are You in Compliance?

States are aggressively looking for taxpayers that are doing business in their state and not filing returns. Rather than wait until your company receives a state tax notice, we recommend that you proactively look at where your company...

Nexus Creep - Corporate Income Tax

A current prevailing view amongst the states is that their nexus rules, which determine when an out-of-state company is subject to taxation, have not kept pace with the economic realities of how companies conduct business across state lines.

Tax Credits & Incentives

The federal government, as well as states, use tax credits, deductions and incentives to encourage investment, boost employment and stimulate innovation.

State and Local Tax Checkup

Now is the perfect time to determine whether your business is in compliance with the state and local tax laws of the jurisdictions where you are selling your goods and services.

Amazon to Collect Sales Tax in All States

The days of tax free shopping on have come to an end for U.S. shoppers. The leading internet retailer started collecting sales tax in Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska and Utah on January 1, 2017 then subsequently began collecting tax in...

Fulfillment by Amazon Creates Sales Tax Concerns

If your business uses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) where Amazon handles third-party seller’s back-end operations, including storage, fulfillment and customer service, you may have...

Managing Sales Tax Audits (3 of 3)

Your company’s sales & use tax audit has been completed. You’ve worked diligently to provide the auditors the information they requested; you’ve responded to questions and provided additional supporting documentation; you’ve countered the auditor’s position...

Fight Over Colorado Notice & Reporting Law Finally Ends

The Data and Marketing Association (DMA, formerly Direct Marketing Association) and the Colorado Department of Revenue reached a settlement agreement over the State’s Notice and Reporting Requirements imposed on out-of-state retailers...

Managing Sales Tax Audits (2 of 3)

Despite all of your pre-audit planning – or your best efforts to postpone the audit – eventually the time will come for the audit to begin. Start building a good working relationship with the auditors on the very first day of the audit

Resale & Exemption Certificates

Does your company have a policy for maintaining exempt sale documentation? When is the last time anyone has reviewed your company’s resale and exempt sale documentation?

Managing Sales Tax Audits (1 of 3)

States are stepping up their audit efforts to identify new taxpayers, create additional tax revenue and close their budget gaps. If you start preparing for a sales & use tax audit the day the audit notification letter arrives from the state taxing authorities, then you are already behind the eight ball.

Saving Energy and Taxes on Utilities

Whether your business uses electricity, natural gas or other energy sources, one thing is certain: the cost of these commodities is a considerable part of your operating expenses.  Today, most businesses are striving to be more energy-efficient and are considering “green” energy initiatives...

State Tax Concerns for Canadian Businesses Selling in U.S.

Many Canadian companies have considered expanding their businesses across the border into the United States over the years but have hesitated due to the relatively weak value of the Canadian dollar. Times have changed, however...

New York Sales Tax Audits: How to Actively Manage Compliance Issues

In this article from Bloomberg BNA's Weekly State Tax Report published April 24, 2015, Tom Mazurek discusses issues often found in sales and use tax audits in New York State and how businesses can prevent these audits from becoming complicated, time-consuming and cumbersome activities.

Economic Nexus

Many businesses are utilizing current technology to increase sales and market share without having to leave their buildings. Most tax accountants would reason that no new state tax liabilities have been created by these businesses because they have not left the state.

Sales Tax Refund Opportunities

Paying the correct amount of sales and use tax is a critical issue for many businesses.  Companies do not want to create potential liabilities by not collecting tax on sales; but at the same time, these businesses should also be concerned that they are not overpaying or remitting too much sales and use tax on their purchases.


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