Amazon Business/QuickBooks Integration

In the competitive and fast-paced world we live in today, businesses strive to stay one-step ahead by embracing innovative tools that streamline processes and drive efficiency, productivity and profitability. Among these tools is the Amazon Business Purchases App, which seamlessly transfers all your Amazon purchases to QuickBooks, enabling easy review and categorization. Note: this App only works with Amazon Business accounts and not individual accounts.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Simplified workload: instead of spending time manually transferring transaction records into your accounting software, the Amazon/QuickBooks integration allows users to streamline the process by automatically downloading sales transactions multiple times per day.
  2. Reduction of manual data entry errors: By directly transferring information from an Amazon Business account to QuickBooks, the risk of manual data entry errors is nearly eliminated. Direct transfer makes it easier for the user to review and reconcile transactions.
  3. Easy categorization: Each item purchased can be categorized individually. You can also see details such as description, quantities, price and fee

Undoubtedly, software integration is one of the most valuable investments a business can make. When done correctly, it will drive better performance and improve workflows.

For more information regarding the Amazon Business Purchases App or for assistance with linking your Amazon Business account to QuickBooks, please contact Sandra Pezzino, General Ledger Specialist, at 716.633.1373 or, or any of our other Tronconi Segarra & Associates General Ledger Specialists today.


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