Bots for IRS Customer Service?

Yes, you read that right! This is exciting news for taxpayers and tax professionals who need to reach out to the IRS.

As the IRS continues to progress, they are now focusing more on using technology to help taxpayers get answers to their questions quickly and easily and improving the customer experience in such a way that is cost-effective, saves time, can be available 24/7 without much effort, and reduces customer wait times.

The IRS now has voice and chatbots to help taxpayers with a wide range of issues, including securing account transcripts, getting answers to questions about balances due and getting help from the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Whether people call the IRS or visit online, there are self-service options available around-the clock. During business hours, many of the IRS voice and chatbots provide an option to connect with a live assistant if needed.

Recently, the IRS also announced availability of expanded chatbot technology to help people get answers to basic questions they may have when they receive notices about possibly under-reporting their taxes. The new chatbot feature will assist taxpayers who receive notices CP2000, CP2501 and CP3219A. These mailings inform taxpayers if the tax information the IRS received from third parties doesn’t match the information they provided to the IRS.

The IRS has stated that it plans to continue additional bot technology features in the future. When chatbots at the IRS call center help taxpayers get their issues resolved quicker, it helps free-up valuable phone resources for other taxpayers and tax professionals with questions on more complex issues.


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