Let QuickBooks Online Be Your Company’s Virtual File Cabinet

Organizing and keeping up with paperwork related to your business can be a time consuming and daunting task. QuickBooks Online can help organize your documents, simplify your document filing and provide access to your documentation anytime, anywhere. The Attachment feature in QuickBooks Online is a fast, streamlined process resulting in a “paperless office” and making your filing cabinet obsolete. Here are just a few ways the Attachment feature can help your business:

  • Freedom of accessing documents quickly, wherever you are.
  • All users with assigned access rights to view documents, including accountants performing year-end work.
  • “Receipt snap” while on the go at stores, restaurants or gas stations.
  • Attach vendor invoice or bill to bill payment or expense transaction.
  • Include W-9 forms in vendor profiles.
  • Provide terms and conditions as an attachment to customer invoices.
  • Add vendor or customer contracts to their profile setup.
  • Flexibility to add an image or document to any transaction.

Documents can be in the format of pdf files, images or through the QuickBooks Online App – a photo from an iPhone or Android device.

There are two places in QuickBooks Online that attachments can be added:

  • The Attachment Page:
    1. Single or Batch documents can be attached.
    2. Several features are available in the Attachment list window including batch actions, exporting, invoice or expense creation and printing.
  • Creating a Transaction:
    1. When creating a transaction in Quote, Invoice, Bill, Expense or Check, scroll to the bottom left Attachments box.
      1. Drag and drop the attachment.
      2. Click on Attachments and find the location of the document you want to upload, and “save” to add the transaction.
  • Show existing to open the right-hand side drawer if previously saved in the attachments window.

Taking control and organizing your documents has never been easier. Housed all in one place, the Attachment feature will provide the information needed when you need it most, quickly and easily.

For more information, contact Debbie Chrzanowski, CPA, Senior General Ledger Specialist at or 716.633.1373.


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