Individual Taxation

Contact one of our individual and high-net-worth client team leaders to learn more about strategies that could help you keep more of your wealth.

The hallmark of Tronconi Segarra & Associates' proactive approach to providing tax planning services is integration...our ability to understand and identify tax strategies that take into consideration the potential impact on the tax situation for both the business itself as well as the business owner's personal tax obligation. They are inherently "joined at the hip."

We meet with clients throughout the year so that we can stay abreast of changes and events occurring in their lives, and then incorporate that information into our ongoing business and personal tax planning for them. Many tax strategies can only be implemented in the year in which certain changes and events occur, so it is critical that we keep in close communication with our clients all year long to allow the maximum amount of time to do research and calculate various scenarios to identify which would ultimately be the most advantageous for our clients.

During the year, as well as during the actual return preparation, we consider numerous issues that could have an impact on a client's tax obligation, including (but not limited to): projections to determine whether a client will be subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and how to best minimize AMT; retirement planning strategies; stock-based compensation planning; whether at-risk or passive activity rules can be utilized; strategies that can be utilized in a divorce action; utilizing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to reduce taxable income; and payment planning to minimize tax and underpayment penalties. We will also research a client's unique circumstances to identify even more strategies and can be considered to help minimize the tax obligation.

Contact one of our individual/high-net-worth client team leaders (see right) to learn more about strategies that could help you keep more of your wealth.